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Your Child Is Covered

Personalized Tutoring 

Craft Tutoring Services is great for students who come home still struggling and really want to understand their lessons from class and problems they have on their homework.

A Different Approach to Learning

Craft Tutoring Services is great for students who learn by seeing the problems done repeatedly and in several ways, even on different grade levels (if necessary) with the goal of mastering grade-level content. 

Customized ​Learning Plans

Craft Tutoring Services is great for students who prefer to learn their work a little at a time. Students enjoy having a lot of work broken into smaller parts. This helps them to learn the lesson(s) better.

Test Preparation & Study Strategies

Craft Tutoring Services is great for students who want to prepare for quizzes and tests. Students learn from previously made errors and similar questions. This helps students to significantly increase their scores on high-stake assessments.

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About Craft Tutoring Services

Your child success is our success. We know that parents choose us to see results.

We are focused on tutoring your child and building their confidence inside the classroom. Our students' ages range from preschool to college. Our tutoring services impact students, and we will continue to be here to help hundreds, thousands, and millions more to experience the academic success we know they can achieve.

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“She's been doing fabulous. I'm very impressed. She says that you make her happy and want to learn.”

Mom, Geometry


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